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Speech Writing Service

Giving a speech is always nervous. Your palms and feet are sweating. You have those amour butterflies in your stomach, but this time they aren’t very pleasant. These jitters are getting more and more strong as the time to actions gets less. But what makes us so worried about it?

In fact, not the performance, but being unsure whether you say the right things in good order. We are afraid that the audience will start laughing or, on the contrary, won’t get our jokes. So, the reality is that we are worried to do in wrong. You simply say, ‘I can’t write my speech!’ because every phrase you try using there might be interpret in an opposite meaning by your listeners.

That’s when people come up with the idea of contacting a speech writing service. After all, it helps you a lot being sure the content is perfect. That’s more than halfway through the stress!

Could you write my speech?

At we perfectly understand the difficulties behind writing speeches. Many people ask us ‘Write me a wedding speech!’. This is so different from the cases when customers are requesting business related speech writing services. But there is one thing in common. You should always be tolerant in your content. Whether it’s family or business partners, people are very different and react in many interesting ways to the same thing. Therefore, it’s much more secure to ask a professional speech writing service to do this sensitive writing for you. Less stress. More confidence. And definitely more time to prepare and practice it!

Most often our customers ask us for the following speech writing services:

  • Wedding
  • Political announcements
  • Presentations – from schools to corporate one
  • Funeral speeches
  • Business speaking
  • Debates – high school, university or political
  • Resignation and farewell announcements and speeches

If the specific one you are having in mind is missing, don’t worry! There are many unexpected scenarios when we have to prepare a custom speech. So, whatever your case is, feel free to describe it! Our experts will work on the best content for your successful performance.

How to purchase speech online?

Many people are worried of canned speeches. Actually, what can be worse than seeing your audience already heard exactly the same thing a while ago? And what if they heard it many times? You should be very careful with finding a legit speech writing service. As there are scam businesses selling the same content time after time. We don’t offer pre-written speeches. Nor do we sell papers which are widely spread on the internet. What we do sell is great quality at an affordable price.

Right here, at we gathered a team of professional writers. They came from very different backgrounds. But at the same time they are united by their exquisite writing skills and love to create content. Academic writing, business papers, custom writing – these are just some of the field of their expertise. If you have in mind any other kind of content, just let us know. For sure we can accommodate any customised paper for you!

From now on, finding a professional speech writing service is easy, inexpensive and secure!

Cheap help with speech writing

You may think that in order to impress your audience you really need to spend a fortune. But that is not the case with ExtraEssay. We aim to write as affordable as possible, for the sake of fair prices and high quality. Here you’ll get it all in one:

  • Affordable price
  • Highest quality
  • Precision with deadline

And you don’t need to look any further! We highly recommend you place an order for speech writing service asap. Time flows fast, just as prices do. Unfortunately, even if we don’t want to, but we are forced to raise prices in urgent cases. Finding a suitable writer available somewhere in the middle of the night costs extra for us as well.

You found the best speech writers here! is a professional paper writing company with a broad global coverage. We help our customers all over the word and are used to hear the most surprising content requirements. It’s really important to have an open-minded team behind you when it comes to speech writing service. Different customs and traditions require us to write very different papers. When you tell us ‘help me write a speech for a wedding in Indonesia’ it’s so different than one for a wedding in UK! Even if the guests are English in both cases.

  • Our professional writers always aim to match your style. That’s why we should know whether you are a native English speaker or not. Based on this information we will assign you a native or a fluent speaker.
  • When it comes to business writing it’s necessary to know your level and impact in the case. Tailoring the content depending on each case is not easy. But we prefer to go an extra mile to satisfy your audience.
  • If you buy speeches on ExtraEssay you won’t even encounter plagiarism. Our company is very strict with this issue and writers may lose their job in case we detect lack of uniqueness.
  • In case deadline is not met – you get your money back. If you could ask for postponing in a different situation, this time it’s impossible. Whether it’s a wedding or a presentation, no one will reschedule it because you don’t have your speech done. So, we guarantee timely delivery as agreed in your request.

Buy speeches online at 247essay is really easy. You will have to fill in basic contact details and the requirements of the paper. Please specify as much information as possible. At this stage, the quality of the outcome depends a lot on what you ask for.

Give a try to 247essay and maybe you won’t ever need to write a paper in your entire life! Whatever the subject is, be sure there is a writer here who’s just an expert in it.